Proof #51 - Think about God and Baal

In the Bible, in the book of 1 Kings, in chapter 18, there is a fascinating story about God and Elijah. In this story, we have Elijah, as a prophet of the Lord, meeting with Ahab, a powerful king. Obadiah is a messenger. The story starts out like this:

This is a fascinating situation. Ahab and his people have started following a god named Baal instead of Elijah's God. And Elijah wants to prove to Ahab that Baal is an imaginary god. So Elijah sets up a challenge: On command, the Lord does Elijah's bidding and proves that he exists by bringing all-consuming fire upon the altar. The fire even vaporizes the stones! It is an amazing display, and the people accept that Baal is imaginary and God is real.

What happens to the prophets of the false god? They get the death sentence:

What we see here is fascinating: the Bible is laying down the criteria for proving that a "god" is real, and then demonstrating the punishment for those who teach about false gods. And the criteria is very simple: The "god" in question has to prove its existence through demonstrable actions in our world. The reason that Ahab's people were supposed to believe in God rather than Baal is because, on command, God proved his existence. Baal, being imaginary, did nothing. The fact that Baal did nothing proves that he is imaginary.

What should we do today when, upon calling on God to show himself, nothing ever happens? As we saw in proof #1 and proof #2, praying to God has absolutely no effect. Asking God to display any sort of supernatural force in public (like, say, lighting a fire) has absolutely no effect. God has absolutely no effect in our world today.

What we should do is exactly what the people in the Bible did with Baal. The lack of any evidence for God's existence should lead us to the obvious conclusion that God is imaginary, just like Baal is imaginary.

Understanding that God is imaginary, should we slaughter all of God's false prophets like they did in the Bible? Should we kill the Pope along with all priests, ministers, pastors, imams and rabbis? No - that would be barbaric and inhuman. Any rational person knows that, unlike the inhuman barbarians depicted in the Bible.

God is imaginary, just like Baal. That is proven to us every day by God's complete and total failure to do anything in our world.

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